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Abundent is a Digital Transformation and Big Data Analytics company. We help established enterprises as well as startups improve their product and service delivery by modernizing their IT infrastructure and development practices.

Our mission is to provide affordable and robust data-driven decision making products and services to the market.

Our vision is to bring the benefits of modern and agile enterprise software development practices currently enjoyed by the largest companies to the rest of the market.

We provide the following services:

Some companies just don't have the time and energy to develop their own IT departments. That's where we come in! We can help automate your business by becoming your IT department.

Data Science and Big Data Analytics
With our roots in data science and Big Data Analytics, we’ve been at the forefront of some of the industry’s biggest changes in Industry 4.0. We’re here to bring the technology that’s at our core to yours.

Machine Learning
Automating decision making requires robust solutions, and we are experts in devising the right ones for your business! We specialize in traditional ML solutions as well as Deep Learning.

Agile DevOps
Automating your product deployment is just as important as automating your decision making. We help you achieve a streamlined product delivery process.

Protecting your data is just as important as delivering it. We provide full end-to-end cybersecurity training, consulting, and implementation practices for companies to avoid embarrassing breaches and social engineering snafus.

Robotic Process Automation
The Holy Grail of automation is having autonomous software bots doing all the heavy lifting for you. Whether it's fraud detection, trend analysis, or customer onboarding, bots can speed up business processes like never before. We can help you to build these bots into every aspect of your business, increasing productivity and decreasing cost.

Contact us at info@abundent.com